Moog Shows Integrated Approach to Motion Control at SPS IPC Drives Italy 2015

12 May 2015

Moog Industrial Group, a leading provider of motion control products, solutions and services, is exhibiting at SPS IPC Drives Italy at Pavilion 2, Stand C014. This annual event for industrial automation will take place on 12-14 May, 2015 in Quartiere Fiere at Parma. This event is a kick off for Moog to celebrate 40 years of operation in Italy and 50 years of operation in Europe.

At this exhibition, Moog will showcase its technology-neutral approach which entails providing machine builders with complete high performance solutions for the management of motion control and related machine processes using electric, hydraulic and hybrid technologies. With expertise in all of these technologies, Moog engineers work with customers to determine the best technology based on the unique machine requirement.

The highlight of the booth will be a display of a working “leg” of HyQ, a quadruped robot from the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, created to help emergency workers in disaster situations. The motion control for this cutting-edge technology is Moog’s Miniature Servo Valve. The key challenge in the development of HyQ was the design of the “actively compliant legs” which needed rapid modification of the hydraulic flow to the moving parts, enabling modulation of the rigidity/elasticity of the limbs and absorbing the shock of impact when the legs hit the ground, thereby preventing damage to the central body. Moog’s E024 LA Servo Valve was able to guarantee high performance in the control of the flow of oil and do this with miniature size and weight. The result is that the HyQ is one of the only robots that can perform the so-called “flying trot” where all four legs are raised off the ground simultaneously. The ultra-light weight E024 Servo Valve is part of a range of Moog miniature motion control products which are widely used in high performance motorsport.

Moog will also showcase additional electrical, hydraulic and hybrid solutions it has developed including:Electric ActuatorsPlanetary Roller and Ball ScrewsMotion Controllers and Brushless Servo Motors. Moog’s Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators, designed with Moog’s permanent magnet synchronous servo motors and ball screws and planetary roller screws, integrate with Moog Servo Drives to ensure optimized machine performance. The main advantages of these actuators include: High precision for more accurate control of movement, low inertia to obtain superior acceleration, and reduced noise when compared to traditional hydraulic systems.

Moog will also display a range of Ball and Planetary Roller Screws which are now available in precision class 1 in accordance with ISO 3408 regulations. These components are used in applications requiring minimal noise and high load capacity. The latest innovation on display is Moog’s Inverted Roller Screw, an evolution of the planetary roller screws designed to produce compact actuators for high loads.

On display will be the Moog Machine Controllers - MC Series 600Ruggedized Motion Controllers, and Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive Systems which use the Moog Application Software Suite for the development of custom application programs. This software uses the latest version (3.x) of CoDeSys architecture that supports IEC61131-3. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Ruggedized Motion Controller is its reliability in extreme environments due to its IP67 protection and ability to operate in temperatures between -40°C and +70°C, 30 g vibration and 50 g shock. The Moog Servo Drive Family includes modular single-axis or multi-axis systems and options for built-in functional safety conforming to EN 61800-5-2 regulations.

Moog’s high performance servo motors used in a wide range of industrial applications will also be on exhibit at the show including a frameless model that enables direct coupling to the load. Moog Brushless Servo Motors offer one of the industry’s widest power ranges with standard models available at continuous stall torque ratings from 0.15 to 1034 Nm (1.3 to 9.152 lb-in). The  modular design is supported by a variety of options with Moog’s application engineers capable of supplying fully customized solutions.

The booth will also feature maintenance, repair and on-site field services that are available for Moog products. Moog Global Support is our promise to help maintenance managers tomaximize uptime and get more from their machine investment. While our products are known for reliability even in severe environments, our O&M services such as preventative maintenance, technical support and training can ensure they operate “like-new” throughout the life of the product.

Gabriella Poletti, Managing Director of Moog Italy commented: “The strategic relevance ofSPS IPC Drives Italyis the opportunity to meet with a large number of representatives from industry and share Moog’s integrated approach to motion control that is displayed in the booth. Our partnership with our customers enables us to develop innovative technologies that will help them make their machines increasingly more high performance.”