Moog Congratulates JAXA on the Successful Launch of the Hitomi Spacecraft

17 February 2016


On February 17, 2016 the H-IIA launch vehicle successfully deployed the Hitomi X-ray astronomy satellite into operational orbit. Designed to explore the extreme cosmos, the Hitomi observatory spacecraft is equipped with four cutting-edge X-ray telescopes and instruments sensitive to photon energies from 300 to 600,000 electron volts.

Moog provides mission critical hardware to the Soft X-Ray Spectrometer (SXS) system on the Hitomi spacecraft. During the design phase JAXA identified that the SXS sensor was being heated by the mechanical vibration from the cryocoolers.  The cryocoolers are used to reduce the temperature of the SXS sensor.  The extreme low operating temperature is colder than space, just a very small amount above absolute zero, the coldest temperature possible, creating a difficult engineering challenge.  Moog supported this challenge by leveraging its heritage 2-Stage Cryocooler Isolation System.  The Isolator System not only provides quiescent on-orbit operation, eliminating the heat transfer to the SXS, but also reduces loads to the cryocoolers during launch.  This allows components to be designed and optimized to operate in space and not just to survive the launch to get there.

Moog’s 2-Stage Cryocooler Isolation System is an evolutionary enhancement to the current isolation systems on the market. By segregating launch requirements from on-orbit requirements, Moog can design for optimal vibration isolation performance without degradation in either environment.  This 100% passive vibration isolation system brings in a new era of high performance, existing heritage on other spacecraft, and low complexity performance to the all space-based imaging missions.

Moog also provided the propellant valves used on the Hitomi thrusters. These thrusters are part of the attitude control system of the spacecraft.

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