Moog Receives Special Award for Partnership From Raytheon - Integrated Defense Systems

2 August, 2016

Since 2014, Moog has been working to re-design and supply fan motors and controllers to Raytheon IDS for the Cooling Equipment Unit (CEU) of the Army/Navy Transportable Radar (AN/TPY-2).   AN/TPY-2 is the radar surveillance section of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system.  THAAD is a U.S. Army anti-ballistic missile system devised to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase via a hit-to-kill methodology.

The controller and fan motors provide the needed cooling for the electronics. Moog is working to redesign the CEU fan motor and controller for improved manufacturability, reliability and performance. The original supplier of this system has exited the business. 


In recognition of efforts on this program, Moog was presented a "Special Award for Partnership" at the Raytheon IDS Supplier Conference on June 7th.  The award citation reads in part as follows:  “Given the complex technical design, Raytheon was unable to find another source capable of designing and building a similar fan motor without significant time and expense. These units are critical components of the CEU and Moog was able to demonstrate excellent technical competency to solve an extremely complex technical issue while meeting critical schedule requirements. Without Moog's commitment, dedication and superior performance and ability to seamlessly work with the Raytheon team, building a trusted relationship, we would not have been able to support and overcome difficult design issues.”

Moog Naval Systems’ BU Director Jason Weiss was invited to speak at the conference on the theme of: One Team, One Vision: Partnering for a Safer World.  “It was an honor for Moog to receive recognition for outstanding performance on the ANTPY-2 program,” said Weiss. Addressing the conference was a great opportunity to share Moog’s capabilities with nearly 1,000 representatives of the defense industry. 


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