Primary Flight Control Actuation System for 787

Moog provided the design, integration and certification support for the Primary Flight Control Actuation System on the Boeing 787-8. The Moog system controls all the primary flight control surfaces on the airplane. The system controls 21 flight surfaces and includes a mix of electrohydraulic (EH) and electromechanical (EM) servoactuators and all associated control electronics.

The 787 flight control system includes EH servoactuators with remote loop closure electronics for the ailerons, flaperons, inboard and outboard spoilers, elevator and rudder. The horizontal stabilizer trim actuator (HSTA) and mid-board spoilers employ EM servoactuators with associated motor drive control.

Key features of the system include:

  • Smart actuators with on-board loop closure electronics
  • 5000 psi system operating pressure
  • High power motor controllers with active front ends
  • Electromechanical HSTA with dual load path and motor drive
  • Advanced materials for weight/performance optimization