Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems (EAS)

Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems are emerging as viable options for industrial machine builders seeking for compact alternatives to traditional hydraulic or electromechanical motion control solutions. Customers moving toward electromechanical actuation in pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness and seeking to combine this with the high power density of electrohydraulic actuation, will find the Moog Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems an attractive solution. All components are Moog products that meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.


  • High force capability and power density provide an attractive alternative to EH and EM actuation
  • Low noise emission for quiet machine operation
  • Environmentally friendly due to a lower oil requirement compared to the standard systems
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the reduced number of components
  • Energy Management System available 


The Moog EAS family counts three solutions differing in the pump technology and other features. Depending on the required performances, installation interfaces, work environment, we support the customer in selection of the most appropriate EAS solution.

Customized Electrohydrostatic Actuation System:
The system is composed by a Moog Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) and any additional component like customized manifold, servo drive and motion controller, and can be tailored to the specific application and customer requirements.
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Modular Electrohydrostatic Actuation System:
The Modular EAS’s standardized modules provide a wide number of options. The system’s smallest scope of delivery consists of a basic manifold and an EPU delivered as an assembled and tested unit. The Modular EAS can also contain a standardized small boost HPU optimized for the EAS, along with a servo drive, a motion controller and motion control software. This modular solution that can help machine builders to save time and costs related to a specific development. A High-Speed module is available as an option.
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Compact Electrohydrostatic Actuation System: 
The Compact EAS comprises a servo motor, an internal gear pump, a hydraulic manifold, a cylinder and a compensation tank. It is ideal for industrial applications requiring a flexible and compact solution.
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Electrohydrostatic Pump System: 
The Electrohydrostatic Pump System (EPS) consists of an Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) and a standardized manifold with hydraulic accumulator. It is offered as a complete system without an actuator and can be easily integrated into machine concepts, whether retrofit or new developments.
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What is electrohydrostatic actuation?

Hybrid Actuation or Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems describe systems that have both hydraulic and electric technology in a self-contained package. Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems are options for traditionally hydraulic applications where high force capability is required and energy savings, environmental cleanliness or elimination of piping are needed. Conversely, EAS are options for traditionally electric applications requiring advanced fail-safe systems.