Customized Electrohydrostatic Actuation System 

Moog Customized Electrohydrostatic Actuation System (EAS)

Moog’s Customized EAS combines the best of two worlds, electrohydraulic (EH) and electromechanical (EM) actuation, in a dynamic and attractive solution for the industrial machine manufacturing market. Automation engineers moving toward electromechanical actuation in pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness, in combination with the high power density of electrohydraulic actuation, will find the EAS an attractive solution tailored to their specific application and requirements.


  • High force capability and power density
  • Low noise emission for quiet machine operation
  • Environmentally friendly due up to 90 % lower oil requirement compared to standard systems
  • Small number of components reduce the risk of breakdown and allow faster maintenance
  • Low mass inertia of the EPU provides high system dynamics
  • Tailored to specific application and requirement           
  • 4-quadrant operation technology reduces energy consumption due to energy recuperation and an effective energy management system (power on demand)
  • Decentralized system eliminates need for large hydraulic power unit (HPU) and reduces piping and installation costs

What is electrohydrostatic actuation?

Hybrid Actuation or Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems describe systems that have both hydraulic and electric technology in a self-contained package. Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems are options for traditionally hydraulic applications where high force capability is required and energy savings, environmental cleanliness or elimination of piping are needed. Conversely, EAS are options for traditionally electric applications requiring advanced fail-safe systems.