Modular Electrohydrostatic Actuation System

Modular EAS with Basic Manifold

The Modular EAS is highly flexible with good scalability and variability that can be easily adapted to most types of industrial manufacturing machinery. The system’s interfaces are standardized to facilitate simplified machine design. Our engineering experts assess both the onsite installation conditions and module dimensions in advance, meaning that machine design can be identified early in the project planning phase. All system spare parts are also standardized, resulting in simple, fast maintenance and reduced machine downtime for our customers.


  • High force capability and power density
  • Low noise emission for quiet machine operation
  • Environmentally friendly due up to 90 % lower oil requirement compared to standard systems
  • Small number of components reduce the risk of breakdown and allow faster maintenance
  • Low mass inertia of the EPU provides high system dynamics
  • Decentralized system reduces piping and installation costs
  • Enables the complete digitalization of the machine (I4.0 ready)
  • Quick and easy commissioning and easy machine design due to modularity
  • 4-quadrant operation reduces energy consumption due to energy recuperation and an effective power management system (power on demand)


Modular building blocks:

What is electrohydrostatic actuation?

Hybrid Actuation or Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems describe systems that have both hydraulic and electric technology in a self-contained package. Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems are options for traditionally hydraulic applications where high force capability is required and energy savings, environmental cleanliness or elimination of piping are needed. Conversely, EAS are options for traditionally electric applications requiring advanced fail-safe systems.