Thrust Vector Control Systems

Moog leads the industry in the design, development and production of flight control systems for launchers and space vehicles. Our actuators, control electronics and subsystem integration enable reliable thrust vector control (TVC) for several different launch vehicles.

Electromechanical TVC Systems

EM TVC systems have been produced for a wide range of applications, implementing a variety of fault tolerant architectures and actuator configurations to meet the specific program needs. EM actuators are capabile of 70+ hp, providing producible scalability for high-powered applications.

The Common EMA (CEMA) System developed for Atlas Centaur and Delta IV EELV upper stage TVC Systems was derived from high-reliability flight systems. This modular architecture allows for common solutions for two+ diferent engines.

Programs: Antares CASTOR 30, LCS I, Atlas Centaur, Delta IV EELV

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Electrohydraulic TVC Systems

EH TVC systems have supported critical U.S. space programs and continuously developed, producing systems ranging from simplex, zero fault tolerant systems for commercial launch vehicles to triplex, single fault tolerant systems for NASA launch vehicles.

Programs: Saturn, Titan, Trident, Space Shuttle, Delta, Space Launch System (SLS)

Electrohydrostatic TVC Systems

EHA combines the heritage EH piston-cylinder centerline with a selfcontained, electrically driven hydraulic power source. The vehicle-based centralized hydraulic power supply, connecting infrastructure and servovalve(s) are replaced with one or more electric motor/pump assemblies in a closed system. EHAs can be considered an EMA with a hydraulic transmission rather than a mechanical geared transmission.

EHAs are being considered for future human-rated spaceflight.

Control Actuation Systems

We offer fully integrated solutions for flight control and utility actuation systems. Systems include all actuation, control, power drive, and system software. Moog is uniquely qualified to create solutions optimized around the customer’s goal for performance, weight, reliability, and cost.

Flight Control Actuation Systems

We offer fully integrated solutions for flight and steering control. Systems include actuation, control, power drive, and system software. Moog’s experience in airframe and missile steering systems allows Moog to provide commercial space actuation systems that meet cost, performance, weight, and reliability requirements.

Programs: NASA's X-43A Hypersonic Research Aircraft

Fin Control Actuation Systems

Fin Control Actuation Systems (FCAS) control the position of the missile fins in response to steering commands from the flight computer. The typical FCAS consists of four actuators and associated control electronics all integrated into a ring that matches the outer mold line of the missile. Moog also produces a single board computer, capable of processing all Guidance, Navigation, and FCAS control through the convenience of a single device.