Electromechanical Gun Elevation Actuator C116L422E

Elevation Actuator

This electromechanical linear actuator is designed to improve stabilization and pointing accuracy for existing and new turret applications.  This series of linear actuators is designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of modern main battle tanks or Howitzer gun laying systems.  Features include a built-in integrated equilibrator for highly unbalanced weapons, rollerscrew linear output, brushless DC motor, and 24 volt clutch and maintenance motor for remote operation.

Peak Torque
23.1 HP (17.3 kW)
Peak Force
84,000 lbs (374 kN)
Rated Force
26,000 lbs (116 kN)
No Load Speed
5.3 in/sec (135 mm/sec)
Max. Equilibrium Force
26,000 lbs (116 kN)
Supply Voltage
270 VDC or 650 VDC
Peak Current
160 amps @ 270 VDC
602 lbs (273 Kg)
Retracted length
62.4 in (1585 mm)
16.6 in (422 mm)


  • Brushless DC motor
  • Rollerscrew linear output for high stiffness and accuracy
  • Integrated equilibrator compensates for high unbalance of weapon
  • Integrated accumulator for compact installations
  • 24 V clutch and maintenance motor for remote operation
  • Integrated absolute load position sensor (optional)
  • Alternate mounting provisions available
  • Material and design options available for weight sensitive applications
  • Complies with MIL-STD 810E / MIL-STD 461E