Custom Electric Linear Servoactuators

Typical customizations include:

  • Motor modifications such as optimized motor winding for voltage range, peak power requirements, low cogging designs and custom feedback requirements
  • Optimized packaging to reduce envelope size or to minimize complexity by reducing the number of parts and integrating the actuation components into customer’s machine or hardware
  • Meeting special performance requirements such as high bandwidth, high acceleration, high force, high speed, high duty cycle, long life, high accuracy and other key requirements
  • Building-in special operating characteristics such as extremely smooth operation, low acoustic noise and low backdrive force
  • Providing for other special needs such as environmental extremes (temperatures, humidity or vibration), explosion proof designs, fail safe architectures, and integrated snubbing

Some examples of highly specialized actuators include:

Flight Simulation Motion Base Systems featuring high performance electric actuators with long stroke lengths

Explosion-proof actuators for Gas, Steam and Hydro Turbines


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