Flexible Electric Linear Servo Actuators

  • Higher efficiency for same payload
  • Long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Higher forces, rod speeds and loner strokes
  • Inline and foldback design with internal anti-rotate
  • Variety of motor-windings for optimum performance
  • Several screw leads for speed/force variations
Frame Sizes
3, 4, 5, 6
Design Style
Inline, foldback
Lead lengths
5, 10, 20 mm (.197, .394, .787 in)
Continuous Stall Force
1.02 to 95.99 kN (229 to 21,581 lbf)
Peak Stall Force
3.56 to 115.59 kN (801 to 25,987 lbf)
Brake Holding Force - optional
1.25 to 140.50 kN (280 to 31,588 lbf)
Maximum Speed
138 to 1,600 mm/sec (5.5 to 63.0 in/sec)

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