Legacy Product - A085 Series Hydraulic Servo Actuators

Moog A085 Series Servo Actuators combine high performance cylinders,
linear feedback devices and servo valves in one assembly.

  • Choice of servo valves, feedback transducers, working areas and
    strokes available accommodates most control requirements
  • Maximum compatibility with other Moog components such as electronics and special function manifolds
  • Totally assembled and self contained units are 100% tested before shipment. 
  • Minimized plumbing and fixturing as well as case drain for zero rod leakage
Piston Areas
7.1 cm2, 21.9 cm2, 43.9 cm2 (1.1 in2, 3.4 in2, 6.8 in2)
6.4 cm, 12.9 cm, 25.8, 38.7 cm (1 in, 2 in, 4 in, 6 in)
Servovalve Selection
G761 Series
Selection of Cylinder Mounting
Base Mount, Front or Rear Flange Mount, Front or Rear Trunnion Mount

Important NoteThis is a legacy product which means it is not to be used for new designs.  Please contact your local office to see if this product is available for shipping

100 Million Cycle Life Option

Through our proprietary 80 HRC rod surface, combined with special seal technology, we can extend the life from 10 million cycles up to 100 million.

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