LCD Engine Instruments

High-Tech Presentation Plus Improved Reliability

  • Demonstrated reliability of the engine's LCD instruments is 50,000 operating hours
  • LCD engine instruments assist with the safe operation and maintenance of the aircraft and its engine
  • While all the instruments are microprocessor controlled, the torque, temperature and tach indicators are also programmed to detect and store over-exceedence events during ground and flight operations
  • Exceedence events can be played back directly on the dial face of the unit

Features and Options

  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Advanced microprocessor circuitry and liquid crystal technologies for extremely low maintenance and long life
  • Easy replacement of electromechanical indicators
    • New solid state design uses the same envelope as old units
  • Exceptional design flexibility for interface and dial format adaptability
    • Easily matched to the current configuration.
  • Outstanding performance in all conditions
    • Readable, light-weight and reliable across temperature ranges and other tough environments