The Moog Broad Reach BRE440 CPU meets the requirements of a wide variety space and high reliability applications. The BRE440 CPU is a fully radiation hardened implementation of the PowerPC 440 processor core in a true System-On-a-Chip design, including floating point unit.

The BRE440 integrates a mix of peripheral controllers by implementing IBM’s high speed CoreConnect™ technology and contains the PPC440x5 version of the PPC440 core. The BRE440 Embedded Processor provides high performance and low power consumption. The BRE440 CPU executes at sustained speeds approaching two instructions per cycle. On-chip peripherals reduce chip count and design complexity in systems and improve system throughput. The 440 core combined with wide peripheral mix provides an ideal foundation for compact systems.

The BRE440 Chip represents the culmination of several years of internal development effort aimed at producing the highest level of space based processing capabilities.



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