GPS / GNSS Navigation

TriG RO and POD

The TriG is follow-on to NASA JPL’s highly successful BlackJack GPS receiver. To preserve high degree of Blackjack heritage, the hardware architecture, software code base and digital signal processing (DSP) for the POD function remain largely the same. The occultation software is based on a combination of the operational COSMIC software and new software developed at JPL.

The hardware components of the TriG GNSS receiver consists of a Navigation Processor, Radio- Occultation (RO) Science Processor, RO Science DSP, RF Down-converter (RFDC), Reference Oscillator, and Power Supplies. The receiver utilizes a cPCI form factor, creating a modular, expandable, reconfigurable receiver platform that can address single antenna POD-only applications up to 16+ antenna reflection science applications.

Missions: UCAR/JPL COSMIC-1 and -2; EADS (now Airbus) TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, and PAZ; PlanetiQ

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Navigation Single Board Receiver (NavSBR)

The Navigator GPS receiver is optimized for fast signal acquisition and weak signal tracking. Moog Broad Reach licensed this design from NASA/Goddard and implemented it as an embedded single frequency 12-Channel GPS receiver ported to Moog Broad Reach hardware. The generated observables are filtered using GPS-Enhanced Onboard Navigation System (GEONS) technology (under license from GSFC) providing high-quality solutions by employing an extended Kalman filter (EKF) augmented with physically representative models for gravity, atmospheric drag, solar radiation pressure, clock bias, and drift to provide accurate state estimation and a realistic state error covariance.


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