Model 904 Camera

Environmentally Ruggedized Camera

Moog’s camera/lens enclosures are designed to provide a reliable and cost effective solution for protecting camera/lens assemblies from the effects of temperature, shock, vibration, and airborne contaminants. The Model 904 provides scene sensitivity with a high resolution. It is an integrated system that contains a high definition low light camera, long range lens, heaters, and a boresight adjustment capability. The Model 904’s design and mounting system all for an infinitely variable roll orientation. The internal boresight alignment procedure ensures the lens’ boresight shift is less than 0.5 milliradians over the full zoom range. This is critical for precision tracking applications. The Model 904’s carbon fiber assembly is sealed and pressurized to keep out moisture and airborne contaminants. Its system enclosure is capable of accommodating a variety of camera selections thereby enabling Moog to support various customer applications.