MC40 4-axis Brushless Motor Controller

This unit provides four axes of high-voltage, digital motor control in a compact, lightweight, militarized package.  The standard controller includes two independent 1553 interfaces, isolated RS-422 bus, four encoder interfaces, solenoid controls, plus numerous discrete inputs and outputs.  A very high level of fault detection and fault isolation supports aggressive reliability goals, suitable for modern airborne and ground applications.  The advanced space vector modulation algorithms used in the motor controls provide optimum performance for new or existing systems with outstanding power densities. 



Software Programmable Features:

  • Main DSP supports customer's system level software
  • Comprehensive software loop tuning of each motor axis
  • Real-time reconfigurability
  • Extensive built in test
  • Data logging capability 
  • Internal load for regenerative energy
  • Support for common external sensors


Power Supply MIL STD 704 (270 VDC)
Ambient Temperature -400C +700C
Environmental specification Complies with MIL-STD-810F
Torque/Velocity/Position Command and Feedback via MIL STD 1553 or RS-422 bus (other options available)
EMC Specification MIL STD 461E
Weight 12 Kg (27 lb)
Envelope (Length x Width x Height) 530 x 240 x 140 mm (20.8 x 9.5 x 5.6 in)
Output Current, Large Drive 40A continuous
Output Current, Three Small Drives 16A continuous