MC40 2-Axis Brushless Motor Controller

2-Axis Brushless Motor Controller

This series of digital, militarized, low voltage, 2-axis, brushless motor controllers is designed to provide torque, velocity, and position loop closure.  The controller accepts command signals from any fire control system, in either digital or analog format, and interfaces with a control handle.  The advanced space vector algorithms provide optimum performance for new and existing motors to provide outstanding power densities.  There are a wide range of end user software programmable features.

Software Programmable Features:

  • Extensive Built In Test
  • No-Fire Zones
  • Obstacle Avoidance Zones
  • End-Damping Limits
  • Acceleration Limits
  • Comprehensive Loop Tuning
  • Internal Function Generator
  • Field Weakening
  • Joystick Shaping Function
  • Analog and Digital I/O
  • Status and Fault History
  • Data Logging Capability
Power Supply (Control Electronics)
18 V- 32 V per VG96916
Power Supply (Motors)
440VAC +/- 10%, 3 Phase, 50-60Hz per STANAG 1008
Ambient Temperature
-40oC +65oC
Environmental specification
Complies with MIL-STD-810F
Torque/Velocity/Position Command
via CAN-BUS and RS-232
EMC Specification
24 Kg (53 lb)
Position Sensor Interface
SSI or EnDat Serial Interface
Envelope (Length x Width x Height)
460 x 446 x 218 mm (18.1 x 17.6 x 8.6 in)
Self Protection
over temperature / over current
Peak Output Current (EL/TR Axls)
(20/20) A
Option: Stabilization Kit
2-Axis Gyro Interface