Guidance and Navigation Controllers

Moog has grown significantly over the past ten years by establishing a high level of competency in the integration of complete systems. This growth includes the design and development of Flight Control Computers, or their application equivalent. Our Missile Systems Business Unit supplies Guidance Electronic Units (GEU) that include fin actuation control electronics. The GEU is a single board computer that runs the vehicle flight control software, interfaces with vehicle subsystems, such as the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and GPS Receiver, and provides the closed loop control of the fin actuators. The versatility of the GEU provides a consolidated and versatile solution for the end user. Contact us to see how such an approach may benefit your vehicle.


  • Linux Based Operation System
  • One 100-Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Dual 1553 Transceiver
  • RS-422, RS-232, Analog and Digital I/O


  • Reduce System Cost
  • Reduce Integration Testing
  • Fewer Subsystem Interfaces
  • More Compact Electronics