4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller

Moog’s 4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller is programmable controller designed to meet the needs of new and retrofit applications. The flexible architecture along with ease of use makes the 4 x 400 a powerful tool for end users and OEMs.

  • Simple to install and easy-to-use for any operator
  • Flexible architecture (e.g., Fieldbus connectivity, Blow Pin management, Temperature) for additional expansion modules
  • Support for standards
  • High channel and profiling points
  • Improved machine capability resulting from increased channel count and profiling
  • Enhanced ROI resulting from increased machine flexibility
  • Accelerates start-up time via quick operator training
4 independent channels
Programming Language
Logos IEC 61131-13 standard programming system for Windows , ST programming language based on the Moog Plastic Controller 400 series
Operational Interface Support
Operator interface in Asian and European languages