Dialog Controller Display

The Dialog Controller Display can be used as user interface together with a Moog Servo Controller I (MSC I)  MSC II,  or the Modular Multi-Axis Programmable Motion Controller (MSD) or as stand alone device.

  • Programmable with Moog Axis Control Software (MACS)/CODESYS, no additional editor tool is required.
  • Fanless operation
  • Communication via Ethernet (TCP/IP or network variables)

Available in different sizes:

  • Display 5.7“, color, TFT technology, resolution ¼ VGA resolution, 320 x 240 pixel with touch screen
  • Display 10.4“, color, TFT technology, VGA resolution, 640 x 480 Pixel pixel with touch screen
  • Display 12.1“, color, TFT technology, SVGA resolution, 800 x 600 pixel with touch screen

Training Course

Small group technical training on this product, its configuration, how to upload and download programs and use libraries. Includes hands-on exercises.

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