Servo Controller (MSC II)

MSC II is a freely programmable servo controller with integrated PLC functionality. It belongs to the M3000 family. Programming is completed with the Moog Axis Control Software (MACS), an integrated development environment, based on IEC 61131. MSC II is best suited for applications where multiple axes need to be controlled via a fieldbus interface. Typical applications are closed-loop control with or without profile generation of multiple electric or hydraulic axes.

Important Note: this is a legacy product which means it is mot be used for new designs. Please contact your local office for recommended replacement product,.


  • Higher machine productivity through short cycle times
  • Fast start-up commissioning due to easy-to-use software and flexible hardware
  • Maximum flexibility via support of user-defined open control structures
  • Special Moog libraries of pre-programmed Function Blocks enable users to solve advanced control problems quickly
  • Quick integration through multiple connectivity options
  • Convenience of remote servicing and debugging
400 MHz
128 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash EEPROM
Minimum Task Cycle Time (Base Tick)
100 micro seconds
Update of I/Os
With base tick
Position Transducer Interface
4 x Configurable as SSI (Seriell Synchronous Interface) or Incremental Encoder
4 x Digital I/O
Standard Bus Interface
2 x CAN/CANopen, 1 x TIA/EIA 232, Ethernet, Interface to extension modules
Optional Bus Interface
Profibus-DP slave, EtherCAT Master, EtherCAT slave
Data Exchange via Ethernet
2 x USB 1.1 (R/W memory sticks)

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