Moog Application Software Suite (MASS)

The integrated development environment MASS (Moog Application Software Suite) is an IEC 61131-3 development environment, based on CODESYS 3. MASS included tools for programming, testing, debugging, documentation, visualization, configuration and libraries with ready-to-use function blocks.

It supports:


  • IEC61131-3 integrated development environment based on CoDeSys 3
  • Optimized for Moog controllers
  • Freely programmable closed loop controller structures
  • Comprehensive libraries with Moog function blocks for electric, hydraulic and hybrid axis
  • Maximum flexibility by full functionality in all IEC 61131 programming languages
  • Closed loop control and classical PLC functionality can be combined in one application
  • Open standard interfaces for communication on machine level and process control level as EtherCAT, PROFIBUS-DP, CAN/CANopen, TCP/IP und OPC


Training Course

Small group technical training on this product, its configuration, how to upload and download programs and use libraries. Includes hands-on exercises.

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