EtherCAT slave module MSC-R-IO

The MSC-R-IO is used as remote extension module for the Ruggedized Motion Controller (MSC-R), MSC II Motion Controller, MSD Motion Controller or other EtherCAT master modules.
It includes an EtherCAT slave interface.

The module offers

  • 8 digital isolated outputs, maximum 0.5 A each, protection against overload and short circuit
  • 2x8 digital isolated inputs
  • PT100 temperature measurement interface

Ruggedized design

  • Temperature range –40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F)
  • 30 g vibration resistance, 50 g shock resistance

Training Course

Small group technical training on this product, its configuration, how to upload and download programs and use libraries. Includes hands-on exercises.

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