Servo Controller III (MSC III) - Legacy

  • The MSC III is a multi-axis, multi-purpose industrial motion controller suitable for hydraulic, hybrid and electric motion control systems and applications with analog or digital interfaces
  • With integrated I/O for up to four analog hydraulic axes and additional fieldbus connection options, it provides flexibility as well as fast and precise control of position, speed and force for even the most demanding applications
  • The integrated programming environment, called Moog Application Software Suite (MASS) offers flexible support for all IEC 61131-3 programming languages including full featured debugging and visualization options
  • The hardware design is robust for a long service life due to the elimination of fans and batteries that traditionally cause maintenance issues in demanding applications
1000 MHz quad core



Analog I/O
8 x analog input, 4 x analog output, all with configurable range and 16 bit resolution
Digital sensor interfaces
4 x configurable as SSI (Master or Slave) or Incremental Encoder
Standard Bus Interface
Ethernet, EtherCAT master, real-time Ethernet slave, CAN/CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP Slave


  • Higher machine productivity through short cycle times
  • Fast start-up commissioning due to easy-to-use software and flexible hardware
  • Maximum flexibility via support of user-defined open control structures
  • Special Moog libraries of pre-programmed Function Blocks enable users to solve advanced control problems quickly
  • Quick integration through multiple connectivity options
  • Convenience of remote servicing and debugging