Spacecraft Controllers

Moog designs and manufactures Motor/Actuator Driver electronics for a variety of applications including controlling Moog actuators and motors. These space-rated and flight heritage controllers can be delivered as standalone units or integrated as part of a Moog Integrated Avionics Unit (IAU) solution.

Gimbal Control Electronics (GCE)

The Gimbal Control Electronics (GCE) System is designed as a high reliability motor driver system to control the motion of two or more motors, such as used in solar array drivers and antenna gimbals.The function of the Gimbal Control Electronics (GCE) system is to control and drive two types of dual axis redundant actuators. Such as used for typical solar array drives and antenna gimbals. The system contains two primary and two redundant motor drive outputs. These motor drive outputs control and drive small, three phase Wye, six state, and permanent magnet actuators. The GCE contains two primary and redundant incremental encoder interface circuits.

The GCE communicates with the spacecraft via a dual redundant MIL-STD-1553B bus. The spacecraft provides the 31VDC nominal voltage and the side enable pulsed discretes. The GCE assembly consists of two identical Controllers circuit boards, two identical Motor Driver circuit boards, two identical DC to DC converters boards, two Backplane boards and the chassis.

Missions: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA CoNNeCT, GeoEye-2

Rikishi Electronics Unit (REU)

The Rikishi Electronics Unit (REU) is a Robotic Arm Controller designed to drive up to nine separate servo motors (joints), such as found on robotic arms or articulated structures. The REU provides a platform for command and telemetry processing, execution of motor control commands and algorithms, execution of general purpose commands, and storage for volatile and non-volatile data.

The REU is composed of (1) communication board (COMM) and (9) motor controller boards (MCBs) integrated into a 10 slot 3U chassis. Spacecraft bus power (28 VDC) is applied directly to the REU backplane via its rear 8-pin power connector. There are chassis mounted DC/DC converters that provide regulated power from the 28 VDC spacecraft bus.

The spacecraft communicates to the REU via RS-422. An ‘emergency disable’ and ‘emergency hold’ discrete input is provided via the COMM board. The REU is designed as a single-string system without explicit redundancy. The (1) COMM board and the (9) MCBs are all on the primary side of the 28 VDC spacecraft bus. The COMM board provides isolated 5 V power required to power the COMM devices that are on the secondary side.

Missions: DARPA/MDA SUMO and Phoenix Programs

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The Moog 2-channel Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is comprised of 2 hybrid stepper motor controllers, an EMI filter, and 6 analog pass-throughs for telemetry. The ECU enclosure has been designed to allow 2 ECU’s to be stacked to form a 4-channel ECU. The ECU contains all power conditioning, pulse sequencing and output driver stages necessary to drive two 3-phase motors. The system electrical interface consists of power and command input lines, output motor drive lines and telemetry outputs.