Test Controller for Aerospace (max. 500 channels)


Moog delivers the flexibility, innovation and trusted solutions you need for a smart approach to aerospace testing. The heart of our all of our solutions is the control hardware and software that sets the pace for the industry.

Our feature-rich controllers are all based on user input and incorporate the innovations we have learned from working closely on demanding, high performance testing and simulation applications in labs and aerospace manufacturing facilities around the world.

Operator flexibility and high performance handling of complex testing formulas utilizing the Moog Explorer/Manager software make this Test Controller an ideal tool for modern aerospace testing labs.

Scripting for digital and analog I/O, as well as limits and peak detectors make set up and running of tests easier.

Test-oriented SmartBAR user interface, fast graphical capabilities for a large number of signals and engineering units and the zoom option are some of the many features that help contribute to success in your test lab.


  • Aircraft/airframe structural tests
  • Iron bird tests
  • Landing gear tests
  • Helicopter airframe, rotor head and blade tests
  • Fuselage and cockpit pressurization
  • Engine casing tests
  • Fin actuation loading tests
  • Hydraulic system tests
  • Load calibration tests
  • Spacecraft structural integrity


  • Loop update rate is 2.5 kHz. For ultimate response, it can be higher if required (10kHz or 25 kHz)
  • Loop technology for faster more accurate testing (e.g., force, displacement and acceleration)
  • Pseudo channels capability to meet the most complex test requirements
  • Distributed system architecture
  • Local product support and services facilities worldwide