NEW! Next Gen Test Controller for Aerospace (max. 500 channels)

Family of Test Controllers

Safe. Configurable. Reliable.

The Moog Test Controller is a 1 to 500 channel real-time modular control  system that can control or collect data from any hydraulic or electric test system. The robust and compact modules have a wide range of transducer inputs and control outputs that can be easily configured for optimum use.

The Moog test software allows the end user to control and record all of these signals in an easy to use format providing maximum value for many years of reliable usage.

Redundant Safety Functions. 

Multiple layers and redundant safety functions via integrated hardware and software assures successful completion of your structural testing keeping your test article safe.

Reliable Results. 

At Moog, we pride ourselves in providing Test Controllers with the utmost reliability. Our experience speaks for itself: Over the last 20 years Moog has sold over 1,800 systems with over 16,000 channels. Our large install base benefits your program.

Feature Rich Software Suite.

With advanced algorithms for test commissioning and execution the Moog Test Controller software is easily upgradeable. We also have proven data center methodologies via industry standard SQL databases and RAID hardware.


  • Sub-Assembly and Sub-System Testing
  • Full Scale Static Testing
  • Full Scale Fatigue Testing
  • Flight Control System Testing
  • Component Testing for Airframe
  • Rotorcraft Component Testing
  • Engine Component Testing