Moog Test Controller (max. 32 channels)

Modular Design With Your Bottom-Line In Mind

Moog Test Controller is a reliable, configurable platform for precise control of your tests.

Simple and User Friendly - Our simplified feature-rich user inetrface allows operators to perform complex tasks faster and with minimal training.

Universal Testing - From simple fatigue tests to highly integrated full vehicle road vibration tests and more, rely on Moog Test Controllers for testing in a wide variety of applications.

Modular and Compact - No job is too big or too small. Modular design fits easily into any hydraulic or electric test system, large or small.

Impressive Value - Designed with your bottom line in mind. The initial purchase, maintenance and upgrade costs are all lower than the leading competition with direct comparisons.


More Advantages:

  • Reliable Results
  • Unsuprassed precision
  • Easily configurable
  • Local product support and services facilities worldwide