Upgrade from Analog to Digital

Switch to digital controls and boost your lab's operation and output

This modern digital controller has the ability to command your existing analog controller and use the additional analog and digital I/O with data acquisition. 

The digital controller is powered by Moog Integrated Test Suite. Optional applications software applications can be installed in the same PC to run fit-for-purpose tests.  


  • Fatigue or ultimate strength tests on suspension components, body or frame sections
  • Control of hydraulic, electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Load frames for component or material tests
  • Single Axis or multi-axis test rigs
  • Multi-Axis Simulation Table or Four Post Road Simulator

Digital Controller Advantages:

  • PID Control Loop - 5 optional control loops for simple to difficult control
  • Program Block Cycle Profiles - Built-in ramp, cycle, script action, or drive file instructions to design any test
  • Built-in Data Acquisition - Record and visually monitor dozens of I/O parameters per channel and overall controller signals

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