Test Software: Integrated Test Suite

Answering your Test Needs Today and into the Future.

To help you run more tests, faster than ever with fewer test operators and specialized skills required, Moog has developed an Integrated Test Suite that can answer your test needs today and in the future.

Designed by a process that involved listening to our customers and studying their requirement, the Integrated Test Suite enhances the world-class performance of Moog electric and hydraulic systems.

Faster, More Efficient Testing

This software enables you to set up and run more tests faster and more efficiently anywhere in the world due to optimal algorithms and state-of-the-art workflow. Its features bring you real benefits including:

  • Flexible support of electric and hydraulic test systems
  • Easily select user interface language
  • Highly intuitive screens
  • Ease of use for basic tests and junior operators
  • Software modules for complex tests
  • Customizable screens to match your processes
  • Flexibility as test needs develop
  • Centralized database to access all tests and test data

Press Release - New Integrated Test Suite Software

Moog Inc. has released a new Moog Integrated Test Suite software (version 3.24) for its Moog Test Controller to give test operators a way to easily tune their test rigs and, once tuned, extract deeper insights about strength, fatigue or noise-vibration-harshness tests.  

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