Modular Test Controller

The single-channel Moog Modular Test Controller makes it simple to operate electric and hydraulic test actuators. Its design makes it accessible from the operator's desktop by using the PC application, but also allows for easy integration into your test machine on your network.

The Modular Test Controller includes the Moog unique control loops for force, displacement and acceleration control with bumpless transition.


  • Material tests
  • Component tests


  • All connectors accessible from the same interface panel
  • Ideal solution for integration within test machines such as load frames (small housing: 261 x 280 x 90mm)
  • Perform your tasks by using the PC application. Basic operating tasks can be performed by using a mobile device.
  • Open interface to develop customized user experience or connect to you existing software
  • Proven controller reliability – over ten thousand control channels installed and used daily in test labs around the world