Add Features to Integrated Test Suite as your Test Needs Change.

The flexible software architecture offered in the Integrated Test Suite helps you to match your investment to your unique test requirements. You can add more features as your test program matures. The Integrated Test Suite gives you access to all modules: Runner, Replication, Sinesweep and Random Vibration and specific advanced features as required.

Each module can be used independently or combined as your requirements change and the same module can be used for different test systems in your test labs. Most importantly, test data can be centrally accessed, which dramatically improves your speed of testing.


  • Runner Module: Run and control your durability tests.
  • Sinesweep Module: Investigate the resonance frequencies of your test specimen. Run Sinesweep durability test.
  • Random Vibration Module: Realize a predefined frequency spectrum using fully randomized time signals.
  • Replication Module: State-of-the-art algorithms are at work to replicate time history files in an easy yet powerful way.

Press Release - New Integrated Test Suite Software

Moog Inc. has released a new Moog Integrated Test Suite software (version 3.24) for its Moog Test Controller to give test operators a way to easily tune their test rigs and, once tuned, extract deeper insights about strength, fatigue or noise-vibration-harshness tests.  

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