LNS Linear Motors


Moog’s LNS series of ironless flat linear motors is designed for highly dynamic applications. The LNS series features synchronous linear motors, supplied in the form of active parts (built-in motors). Its use of non-ferromagnetic material makes the primary part of the motor conveniently lightweight and highly efficient, with essentially no reluctant force (zero cogging) and no pulsation of forces of attraction. Moog LNS motors deliver continuous rated force values ranging from 16 to 225 N. From an electromagnetic standpoint, the LNS series is designed for an overload capacity of about five times the rated force. As a result, they can be loaded with forces and currents substantially higher than those produced at nominal speeds.

The modular design of the LNS ironless flat linear motor supports a variety of options. In addition, Moog can provide completely customized solutions. We offer custom winding systems designed for different force constants (from about 10 to 100 N/A), along with winding systems and insulation options for different intermediate circuit voltages (140 V, 330 V, 560 V DC).

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  • Zero cogging
  • Designed for highly dynamic applications
  • High force overload capacity
  • Reduced weight
  • High quality production


  • Flat design and compact dimensions
  • Great positioning precision
  • Compensation of forces of attraction
  • Different winding options available


  • Industrial Automation
  • Test 
  • Simulation


Dimensions Measuring Unit LNS Linear Motors
Peak Force Fmax N 80–1,280
Rated Speed VNC m/s 0–25
Continuous Force FNC (IC410) N 16–225
Temperature Monitoring PTC, PT1000,
Rated Bus Voltage V DC V 140, 330, 560,
or customizable
Certificate / Marks CE
Cooling Air