Intelligent Sliding System Drive

High efficiency and powerful building automation in a compact design

The Intelligent Sliding System Drive (ISA) is the smart solution to maneuver heavy-duty sliding elements (i.e. heavy doors and big windows) precisely and almost silently.  

It is a ready-to-install system that includes a Moog Animatics SmartMotorTM, power supply and the complete interface electronics. The low-noise planetary gearbox is integrated over the mounting plate.

This exceptionally compact solution can handle heavy sliding elements weighing up to 1.5 tons (depending on the mechanical system). 


  • Extremely small installation space with high efficiency and power density
  • Maintenance-free, robust and brushless DC motors
  • Self-sufficient and self-learning system
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Manually adjustable without loss of position
  • High flexibility for integration and connections
  • Extensive data logging and remote access to system parameters 

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Typical Applications

  • Sliding doors and windows
    • Conventional sliding systems
    • Systems with multiple sliding elements: telescope or accordion operations
    • Corner solutions: accordion and telescope operations
    • Revolving and swing systems
    • Round sliding systems
  • Automated dispensing cabinets