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GEN3 Motion Systems

Improved power management and simplified maintenance from the global leader in high-performance motion bases.



Lower Operating and Support Costs

Our Gen3 Motion System comes in at a cost to you without sacrificing quality, efficiency, or reliability. A lower part count means less troubleshooting. Actuator redesign allows easier field repairs in the cushion, encoder and power connections.

Improved Power Management

We designed Gen3 using the latest technology and with your power demands in mind. Gen3 provides a 65% reduction in surge power which means a lower cost to your electrical infrastructure. The cabinet has been redesigned to smoothly handle a wide variety of grid power fluctuations by removing excess power storage - providing the power you need, when you need it. 

Exceptional Reliability and Performance

We’ve been using electric motion systems in the field for over 15 years. With a 15% improvement in MTBF (mean time between failures) from previous systems and 99.6% uptime around the world, Gen3 systems provide exceptional reliability and performance. This is the fidelity and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Moog.

Leader in Motion Bases

How did we get here? Moog has installed over 1,000 high-quality motion bases globally which are certified level D by 24 country agencies. Nobody else has reached this level! Our global engineering teams are on-call to tailor one of our motion bases to your specific requirements. Challenge us with your unique needs.

Why Choose GEN3? Smart Improvements.

Make replacements in real time.


With field replaceable shocks in the snubber, you can leave the actuator connected to the motion system while you replace the shock on site.

The encoder, built into the actuator, along with all of the power connectors can now easily be serviced at your site.

These smart improvements are some examples that will ultimately improve your uptime.    

Smaller is smarter.


Imagine working with a power cabinet that’s 50% smaller than usual. The Gen3’s smaller-sized unit is the smartest option, offering the same support and reliability.

Models Available

42” Stroke/14,000kg Payload

60” Stroke/14,000kg Payload

63” Stroke/14,000kg Payload