Miniature High Torque DC Motors


miniature high torque dc motors

The C13 series high energy rare earth servomotors provide fast response and high starting torque, but are priced significantly less than comparable rare earth motors. These miniature high torque DC motors offer high coercivity and high flux density for greater mechanical output. Lightweight, yet highly reliable, these motors will not demagnetize under severe conditions. 

A series of high precision gearmotors is obtained by matching high precision planetary gearheads with C13 rare earth motors. We offer a wide range of output torque and speed options with standard and custom gear ratios. 

Custom-modified shaft designs, mounting configurations, speed variations, and various DC input voltages are available. For more information about how Moog's miniature high torque DC motors can be tailored to fit your specific application, contact our motors experts.


  • Long-life, replaceable metal graphite brushes
  • Stainless steel shafts, 0.125 and 0.187 inch diameters, single and double extensions
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearings, ABEC 5 standard
  • Polyester resin impregnated insulated windings for reliable high speed and high voltage operation
  • Rare earth magnets for high power density
  • Diamond turned commutator for quiet operation and long brush life
  • 13 bar commutator for superior servo performance
  • High torque in a “small package” size
  • Low noise and backlash


  • High torque-to-inertia ratio
  • Up to 1274 oz-in peak starting torque
  • Highly resistant to demagnetization
  • Weighs only 6.8 oz
  • High energy / high power in small packages


  • Custom endcaps and mounting configurations are available
  • Skewed rotors available for minimum cogging torque
  • Encoder and tachometer packages
  • Custom shaft and end cap configurations
Model Lengths Voltage Ratings (VDC) Range Rated (VDC) Range Rated Speed
Rated Power (watts)
C13 1.902 - 2.802 in
48.3 - 71.2 mm
12/24/36/48 5.8-14.0 1643 - 3000 9.6 - 22.2

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Typical Applications

  • Robotics
  • Factory automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Computer peripherals and office equipment
  • Portable, battery-operated equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Actuators

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