C23 Series Permanent Magnet DC Brush Motors

c23 series permanent magnet dc brush motors

Available with integrated tachometers, resolvers and encoders for closed-loop control. Moog offers a complete line of 2.25 to 4 inches diameter permanent magnet DC brush motors. Integrated feedback devices (tachometers and encoders) are available for closed-loop control.

We offer a variety of standard sizes. If mechanical modifications are needed custom options are available for your specific application. Contact our motors experts to tailor a permanent magnet motor to fit your needs.


  • Long-life, externally replaceable brushes; various grade materials available for high / low voltage applications
  • Superior protection provided by totally enclosed, high strength, zinc plated steel housing
  • Shaft configuration optional
  • Machined aluminum end-cap for precise locating; round or square
  • Precision-tapped mounting holes provided to your specifications
  • Silicon steel laminations
  • Diamond turned commutator for quiet operation and long brush life
  • Skewed rotors available for minimal cogging torque
  • Rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO G2.5
  • Available with standard NEMA mountings
  • Polyester resin impregnated insulated windings
  • Double-shielded, permanently lubricated ball bearings, ABEC 5 standard; others optional


  • Optional pre-aligned encoders provide accurate positioning
  • Tachometers are available – 7, 10, 14 V / KRPM
  • These motors offer continuous torques from 16.5 to 560 oz-in, peak torques from 125 to 3500 oz-in
  • Motor lengths – 3.33 to 9.0 inches
  • Diameter – 2.25 to 4.0 inches
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Available with carbon steel or stainless steel shafts; single or double ended extensions
  • Custom shaft and end cap configurations are also available


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Typical Applications

Robotics and factory automation

  • Pick-and-place robots
  • Positioning tables
  • Welding wire feeders
  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Barcoding equipment


Computer and office equipment

  • Copier and microfilm machines
  • Printers / plotters
  • Tape drives
  • Industrial equipment
  • Automatic door actuators
  • Material handling equipment
  • Packaging, marking and sorting equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Web drives
  • Gimbal controlled cameras for security systems
  • Antenna drives


Medical equipment

  • Electric wheelchairs and scooters
  • Bio-analytical equipment
  • Medical pumps
  • Centrifuges

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