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Discontinuation of Linear Motors Effective December 15, 2019

Moog linear motors will be discontinued effective December 15, 2019. For more information please read our Legacy Linear Motors Discontinuation Notification Letter.

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Sort Order Document Type Document Number Document Name Description Revision Number Last Updated Info PDF
1 datasheets MS3317L Technical Data Sheet: High Power Linear Servomotor Data Sheet 2 01/15/2019   Adobe PDF icon
6 datasheets MS3130 Data Sheet: Linear Motors Product Overview Data Sheet 5 01/11/2017   Adobe PDF icon
7 datasheets MS3131 Data Sheet: Complete System Solutions Data Sheet 2 09/06/2019   Adobe PDF icon
3 app_notes - Linear Motors Frequently Asked Questions FAQs - -   ZIP icon
1 datasheets MS3018 Technical Data Sheet: High Performance Linear Servomotor Data Sheet 7 01/11/2017   Adobe PDF icon
4 app_notes - Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD) Product Page - -   ZIP icon
9 manuals UM-102 Users Manual: Linear Motors Users Manual F 02/08/2008   Adobe PDF icon
10 manuals UM-103 Users Manual: Linear Encoder Options LCA, LCB, LCC, LCD, and LCE Users Manual B 03/17/2009   Adobe PDF icon
5 app_notes AN-0140 Application Notes: S-Parameter Model for Sinusoidal Motion Application Notes B 08/11/2009   Adobe PDF icon
2 datasheets MS3160 Technical Data Sheet: Compact, Precise Linear Servomotor Data Sheet 3 12/22/2016   Adobe PDF icon

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