AML Servo Motors

Dynamic Fan-cooled Servo Motors

Moog  fan-cooled AML servo motors (6 poles) with separate ventilation are designed for highly dynamic servo applications in the wide speed range and with a variable load. The continuous torque and the power output are up to 1.5 times bigger compared to the basic variant (AM) while the size remains almost the same. The main usage of motors with separate ventilation is where the higher power density is required and the water-cooled variant is not available to use. The Moog AML servo motor series offers one of the largest power ranges in the industry with standard models available with continuous stall torque values ​​from 1.72 to 194 Nm [15.2 – 1716 Ib-in]. The modular design is supported by a variety of options with Moog application engineers able to provide fully customized solutions e.g. totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor, where cooling air is provided by fan mounted directly on the shaft, winding designed for different voltage constants (from about 1 to 500 V.min/1000), winding system and insulation designed for different intermediate circuit voltages (12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 330 V, 560 V and 700 V DC), special rotor for higher speed applications with multiple bandage, 2 or 4 pole variants for high speed motors, different active lengths, different mechanical design of flange and shaft end, bearings for special applications requiring higher radial and axial forces on the shaft end, different types of encoders.


  • High values of available torque and speed 
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency 
  • Production and assembly with greater precision 
  • Long life and high operational reliability 


  • Highly customized (e.g. different winding options availalble)
  • Low inertia
  • High acceleration in transient conditions
  • Rugged, minimum maintenance 
  • High power density 


  Measuring Unit AML Servo Motors
Continuous stall torque M°

Nm [lb-in]

1.72 - 194
[15.2 - 1716]

Peak torque Mmax

Nm [lb-in]

5.3 -430
[46.9 - 3805]

Rated Speed nN

min-1 (rpm)

0 - 10000

Rated Power PN

kW [hp]

0.43 - 29.9
[0.577 - 40.1]


Rated Torque MN

Nm [lb-ft]

1.64 - 186
[14.5 - 1645]

Moment of Inertia J

kg m2
[lb-insec2 x 10-4 ]
0.72 - 430
[6.4 - 3805]

Position transducer





Temperature monitoring


PTC, PT1000, Thermoswitch




Rated bus voltage Vdc


(or customizable)






Fan Cooling


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