Large Motor Solutions

Delivering an integrated system based on a qualified architecture for high productivity

Large Motors Solutions Sizes LMS 630 and LMS 1000

Customers seeking high throughput for next generation machines often experience challenges finding a qualified electro-mechanical solution with high dynamics, high torque and reliable operation. To help these customers, Moog is offering a new primary motion system for servo control from 139 kW to 1 MW with the highest dynamics in the industry and an integrated system architecture that provides cost-saving energy management and higher productivity.

Our integrated system consists of high power servo motors, servo drives, controllers, an energy management system, power supplies and software to transform electrical energy into motion. To minimize the time required to bring your new machine to market, our offering includes collaborative engineering support to help you simplify integration challenges and tools to facilitate quicker machine design and commissioning.


  • High power and high dynamic servo motors provide high machine productivity
  • Scalable system architecture, customizable hardware and collaborative engineering support reduce machine development time and increase flexibility
  • Integrated system incorporates the latest energy management and motion control knowhow to provide your customers with world-class performance
  • Collaborative global support from design to commissioning to aftermarket services includes tools (e.g., sizing, example design) and training to help your teams
  • Qualified motion system with a supply chain able to meet your delivery time frames and uptime expectations 


  Measuring Unit Large Motor Solutions 
Continuous stall torque M°

Nm (lb-ft)

3,450 - 30,500
(2,545 - 22,496) 

Peak torque Mmax

Nm (lb-ft)

8,300 - 71,500
(6,122 - 527,357) 
Rated Speed nN

min-1 (rpm)

615 - 235

Rated Power PN

kW (hp)

139 - 751
(186 - 1,007) 
Rated Torque MN

Nm (lb-ft)

2,150 - 30,500
(1,586 - 22,496)

Moment of Inertia J

kg m2

4.0 - 60.6
(95 - 1,438)

Position transducer


Multi Turn Absolute Encoder

Temperature monitoring





By request

Rated bus voltage Vdc


700 VDC






Convection, fan-cooled and water-cooled

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Learn how this new primary motion system for servo control is benefiting Servo Press Manufacturers with cost-saving energy management and higher productivty.

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