Other Servo Motors

Moog Fastact H Servo Motors

The Fastact H series stands out for its extremely high level of dynamic and high acceleration speeds. With nominal torques from 0.4 Nm to 831 Nm (3.5 to 7355 lb-in) and a fully customizable modular structure, these motors are perfect for high dynamic applications where reliable performance is fundamental.

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Moog Maximum Dynamic Servo Motors

The innovative Moog Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor (also called Fastact J) addresses the evolving needs for more dynamics and higher performance in a variety of highly dynamic industrial applications.

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Moog AM Servo Motors

Moog AM series (6 poles) servo motors with natural cooling are designed for highly dynamic servo applications requiring a wide speed range and variable load. From an electromagnetic standpoint, AM motors are designed for an overload capacity of 2-4 times the rated torque.

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Moog AMW (6-pole) and AFW (12-pole) Water-Cooled Servo Motors

The Moog AMW (6-pole) and AFW (12-pole) Water-Cooled Servo Motors are designed for dynamic servo applications. The torque and the output power of these servo motors are almost double compared to the natural cooled versions.


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Moog AML Fan-Cooled Servo Motors

The Moog AML Fan-cooled Servo Motor (6 poles) is designed for highly  dynamic servo applications. The separate ventilation allows a much higher continuous torque and power output compared to the natural cooled versions.


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Moog AME and AFE Servo Motors

The AME (6 poles) and AFE (12 poles) servo motors use the same active parts (rotor and stator) as the AM and AF series and feature entirely customizable motor components, such as the motor frame, bearings, feedback sensors, shafts and special cooling (see data sheet for standard dimensions).

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