Tactical Fiber Optic Communications Multiplexer

The Moog Tactical Fiber Optic Communications Multiplexer (TFOCM) product family is based on the combined capabilities of Moog and the Prizm™ electronic products. The Moog TFOCM product strategy is to offer military customers a menu of electrical multiplexing options, optical multiplexing options and mechanical packaging options that allows users to design their own solution from off-the-shelf components. All Moog TFOCM components are specifically designed with the military user in mind.

Our engineers are available to help you design the optimal tactical fiber optic multiplexer for your application or select a solution from our wide menu of product offerings. If it needs to be transmitted via fiber, Moog has it – digital, analog, video, audio, telephony, satellite, RF and custom products.


  • Multi protocol capable
  • Up to 16 Gbps bandwidth LED status and discrete connectors
  • Transmission distances up to 80 kilometers
  • Singlemode or multimode compatible
  • Comprehensive remote diagnostics capability
  • Fully self-configuring (no menu options)
  • Compact packaged solutions
  • High reliability - low maintenance


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Prizm Product Line Discontinuation

The Prizm™ multiplexer/media converter product line has been discontinued as a result of electronic obsolescence challenges and the continued advancement of the new product offerings into the market from Focal. Please refer to the Focal™ Multiplexer Product Line.