The Essential Multiplexer


The Prizm™ Mini 4 Fiber Optic Multiplexer is a powerful, compact, flexible, intelligent and scalable telemetry tool that can be configured to meet any remote telemetry need.


  • Fully transparent Ethernet link
  • Dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet link
  • Designed for operation in harsh environments (-20° to +65° Celsius)
  • Custom configurations available


  • On a single fiber the Mini 4 supports:
    • Up to 16 Gbps of video and data, HD-Video, dual head high speed sonars, Gigabit Ethernet, tritech, responder triggers, serial data, analog signals and audio. Power consumption and heat dissipation are minimal.
  • PC104 size cards easily fit into the smallest vehicles. Mini4 I/O density sets a new standard for the market
  • Designed as building blocks, components of the Mini 4 product line can be assembled in any configuration that users require. Changes to configuration and upgrades are plug and play. Additionally, Mini 4 can accept any of the existing Prizm Mini Mux 2 daughtercards, (RS-232, RS-485 / 422, Ethernet, Audio) increasing flexibility and making upgrades of older systems cost effective.
  • Onboard system diagnostics with GUI interface report on the status of each channel of the Mini 4 board. Up to 16 Mini4 sub systems can be monitored simultaneously in real time.
  • Mini 4 can be used as a single board PC104 multiplexer and expanded as requirements change / A Mini 4 system can be expanded to support 16 Gbps of bidirectional video and data while accommodating high bandwidth sensors.


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Prizm Product Line Discontinuation

The Prizm™ multiplexer/media converter product line has been discontinued as a result of electronic obsolescence challenges and the continued advancement of the new product offerings into the market from Focal. Please refer to the Focal™ Multiplexer Product Line.