Navigation Aids

Land and Sea Based Air Navigation

Ground Based Air Navigation systems or Navigation Aids, transmit signals that are used to calculate bearing and range of information to aid in pilot navigation.


Moog Navigation and Surveillance Systems (NaSS) was first established in 1955 and registered its first Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) patents in 1962. That was the beginning of a long TACAN history. Since that time, Moog has designed and manufactured TACAN systems for use by militaries around the world including systems for fixed site, shipboard, mobile and man-portable applications.

In 2009, Moog added engineering expertise as well as Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and Direction Finding (DF) products through the acquisition of Fernau Avionics, Ltd.

Today, Moog NaSS continues to expand product offerings through internal research and development as well as licensing and strategic relationships and can now offer a full range of navigation aids including VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) and Instrument Landing System (ILS) equipment.

Moog’s capabilities in systems engineering, systems integration, program management, logistics support and field engineering can support civil and military projects around the world. Moog offers flexible support options including comprehensive logistics support programs to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements.

Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)

Moog has a complete range of TACAN systems available for Fixed Site, Shipboard, Mobile and Man-portable all based on our third-generation design that essentially eliminates scheduled maintenance and tuning. Identical LRUs and a standard O&M graphical user interface across our product family reduce logistic costs making the Moog system the TACAN of choice for militaries worldwide.

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Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

The 2020 Series DME is the latest generation solid state system from Moog. It is fully compliant with ICAO Annex 10 and is available in high- and low-power configurations. The 2020 easily interfaces to other Navigation Aids such as ILS and VOR systems or can operate independently.


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Direction Finding (DF)

The 2030 Series DF system provides accurate navigation information including aircraft or ship position data without the need for special equipment other than VHF, UHF or Marine Band radio systems

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