Engine Control Valves and Cryogenic Components

Inlet Isolation Valves

The valves are used to control fuel and oxidizer to the rocket engine. The inlet isolation valves support storable and cryogenic propellant systems.

Programs: RL10 (Delta IV Atlas V and SLS), Aestus (Ariane 5)

Valve Actuators

The valve actuator is used to open and close different valves on the engine while allowing precision control over the flow rate of these valves. Moog produces pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical (EM) actuators for storable and cryogenic engine control valves.

Programs: RL10 (Delata IV, Atlas V and SLS), Aestus (Ariane 5), AJ26 (Antares)

Pilot Operated Isolation Valves

Externally vented, pilot-operated, isolation valve, high pressure