Spacecraft Propulsion Components

Moog provides reliable components and subsystems for chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems. Our products can accommodate small satellites to large GEO satellites.

Propellant Tanks

Moog has a family of rolling metal diaphragm (RMD) tanks that are fabricated from commercially available aluminum alloys, providing a low-cost, lightweight, reliable alternative to titanium propellant tanks.

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Manifolds / Propulsion Subsystems

Subsystems supplied by Moog connect critical parts of a propulsion system. Subsystems support chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems.

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Moog supplies regulators for chemical, electric, cold gas, and high purity gas systems. Regulators are used to control propellant feed system pressure on a spacecraft. Regulators are offered in several different varieties to meet the needs of specific missions.

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Spacecraft Valves

Propulsion control valves provide solutions for several spacecraft applications, from attitude control systems (ACS) to orbit insertion to descent systems. Flight-proven, highly reliable Moog valves are qualified for chemical, electric, green and cold gas propulsion systems and rocket engines.

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