Spacecraft Regulators

Moog supplies regulators for chemical, electric, cold gas, and high purity gas systems. Regulators are used to control propellant feed system pressure on a spacecraft. Regulators are offered in several different varieties to meet the needs of specific missions.

Solenoid Actuated

The flow control or bang-bang valve is a solenoid operated gas valve used for pressure control in xenon feed systems. A unique feature is of this valve is a back pressure capability that is greater than the listed inlet pressure.

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Single Stage, Xenon

Xenon pressure regulators are used in platforms with xenon as the propellant. Features of the xenon regulators include a titanium-to-CRES transition joints to allow for welding into a CRES system and also inlet and outlet filters to protect the regulation orifice and seat from particulate contamination. Types of xenon regulators include single stage and series redundant.

Missions: LS1300 platform and 702 XIPS (including 702SP)


Cold Gas Pressure Regulator

The cold gas pressure regulator (RDS01-03) has been developed for OHB Sweden and launched in June 2010 on the Dnepr rocket on board the PRISMA satellite. The mission was successfully performed and ended in August 2011 but the mission has been extended since then.

The Moog developed product is a single stage regulator which achieves sealing through the application of regulated pressure on an annular diaphragm. The regulator implements soft seat technology which reduces the sealing forces required and consequently limits the performance degradation which could otherwise occur with harder seat materials/higher sealing forces.