Valves for Spacecraft Propulsion Systems

Propulsion control valves provide solutions for several spacecraft applications, from attitude control systems (ACS) to orbit insertion to descent systems. Flight-proven, highly reliable Moog valves are qualified for chemical, electric, green and cold gas propulsion systems and rocket engines. Valves are at the core of our ability to design, manufacture and deliver complete, tank-to-thruster propulsion systems. Electrical and mechanical valves are highlighted below

Flow Control Valves

Products include: flow control valves for chemical thrusters, proportional flow control for electric propulsion thrusters, three way valves, and flow path selection for spacecraft hydraulic systems.


  • Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)
  • AEHF, TacSat-2, ISS & Resupply (Columbus, MPLM, and ATV)
  • QinetiQ Comsat
  • BepiColombo

Isolation Valves

Thruster Valves

Service (Fill and Drain) Valves

High Thrust Apogee Engine Valve