LifeGuard Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor


Proven and reliable liquid level monitoring technology in an all new package.

The LifeGuard Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor from Moog successfully integrates proven and reliable technology in an extremely small and versatile package. The LifeGuard Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor provides continuous liquid level monitoring and can be mounted using our unique disposable, self-adhering mounting bracket, or by integrating the sensor into the customer’s product. Moog’s patented design enhances ease of use by enabling the ultrasonic sensor to be acoustically coupled to the outside of a rigid vessel wall without the use of coupling gels.

The LifeGuard Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor is designed for far wall sensing on reservoirs ranging from 0.3” to 5.0” (7.6 mm to 127.0 mm) or near wall sensing based on customer’s specific requirements. All LifeGuard level ultrasonic sensor electronics are integrated into the sensor housing, ready to interface with the user’s system. Moog engineers can tailor our ultrasonic sensors to work with your specific reservoir.

Features of all LifeGuard Ultrasonic Point Level Sensors:

  • ISO 13485:2003 quality service certification 
  • Ultrasonic sensors maintain precise sensitivity without calibration
  • All electronics are integrated into the ultrasonic sensor housing
  • Integrated self-test function provides 100% single fault coverage
  • Includes dry coupling polymer on mounting face
  • Sensor operation can be customized at the factory with minor PCB modification
  • Low power: 14-40 mW
Product Specifications
Ultrasonic Sensor Order Number 29366-001
Mounting Bracket Order Number 40348-001
Standard Range 0.3" - 5.0" (7.6 mm - 127.0 mm)
Near Wall Range Customizable for odd shaped reservoirs or sound absorbing contents
Ultrasonic Sensor Dimensions 0.450" x 0.700" x 0.340" (11.4 mm x 17.8 mm x 8.6 mm)
Mounting Bracket Dimensions 0.875" x 1.075" x 0.460"
Standard Mounting Bracket Disposable, self-adhering mounting bracket with removable "click-on" retaining cover mounts on flat surface or curved surface with radius of ≥ 3 inches (76.2 mm)
Custom Mounting Mounting mechanism designed according to customer specifications
Operating Temperature 10° to 50° C
Operating Humidity 0% to 90% relative humidity
Supply Voltage 2.7 - 5.0 VDC
Supply Current 5.0 - 8.0 mA